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Drinks Menu

Signature Cocktails
Micha Cheap Gin.....260 B.

Distilled with chrysanthemum, sweet, aromatic, nostalgic flavor, go along very well with the old city vibes.

Bad Parents.....280 B.

Cocktail for Gen X after putting their kids to bed with gloomy Sonic Youth tracks, then sneak out to bars. Rough and intense taste, like 90s grunge. Long live Kurt Cobain.

Standard Cocktails
Bloody Marry ..... 280 B.
Blue Hawaii ..... 260 B.
Long Island ..... 260 B.
Margarita ..... 280 B.
Malibu ..... 260 B.
Mojito ..... 260 B.
Negroni ..... 280 B.
Old Fashioned ..... 260 B.
Piña Colada ..... 260 B. 
Tom Collins ..... 260 B.



Jägermeister ..... 240 B.

Absolut Vodka ..... 220 B.

Gilbey’s Gin ..... 160 B.

Tequila ..... 200 B.

Absinth ..... 280 B.

Small Singha .....140 B.
Small Heineken .....140 B.
SmallChang .....140 B.
Singha Reserved.....160 B.

Draft Beer
Singha (jug) ..... 360 B.

Buy Whole Bottle
Come with many friends? Why don’t buy the whole bottle? It’s cheaper na you. Each bottle comes with 4 mixers + ice
Monkey Shoulder Whiskey..... 2,200 B.
Jack Daniel’s ..... 1,890 B.
Johnnie Walker Black (70Cl.) ...... 1,890B.
Jameson Whiskey (1 Litre) ..... 2,200 B.
Jameson Whiskey (70 Cl.) ..... 700 B.

SangSom Large Bottle ..... 1,100 B.
*SangSom Small Bottle ..... 650 B.
(*SangSom small bottles has no free mixers)

Glenfiddich Single Malt 12 yrs.....2,900 B.
Hendrick’s Gin ..... 2,900 B.
Gilbey’s Gin ..... 1,300 B.
Absolut Vodka ..... 1,800 B.

Wine (Red or White) 
Glass ..... 240 Bht.
Bottle..... 1,100 Bht.

Bottega Gold Small Bottle (200 ml.) ..... 840 B.

Soft Drinks
Coca-Cola ..... 50 B.
Water ..... 50 B.
Tonic .... 50 B.
G Beat Enery Drink ..... 50 B.
Soda ..... 50 B.
Ice (Bucket) ..... 50 B.
Elder Flower Tonic ..... 90 B.

Mischa Cheap
Creative Cocktails

Death of Influencers ..... 280 B.
Here’s the que: Sour, then sweet, and ended with bitter on the roof of your mouth. Darling, it’s a very pretentious taste. You can throw away those garnishes and decorations. It has nothing to do with the taste we just put it for an unknown reason.

BASE: Monkey Shoulder Whiskey, Orange juice, Lemon Juice, Triple Sec


Teens of Khaosan ..... 240 Bht.
Designed by Teens of Thailand Bar, given to us as a new venture gift. Bright tastes Like a hippie discovering his philosophy of life at 4 am on Khaosan Road and then forget about it all as soon as he wakes up.
BASE: Isaan Rum / Fresh Coconut Juice

Freed Britney ..... 320 B.

Celebrate Britney Spears' freedom with sweet and sour, fizzy, playful, sexy, twinkle taste. Hit me baby one more time.

BASE: Gin / Lynchee / Honey / Gayness

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