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Mischa Cheap Check-In is a party package with rooms. So you can party as hard as you can without driving. and don't have to worry about not being able to go home because the room is only 300 meters from the bar (3 minutes walk). It is  Buddy Lodge on Khao San Road, the hotel is clean and comfy. with a swimming pool on the rooftop of great old city views.


The experience of waking up on Khao San Road is quirky and funny. Walked down from the hotel at noon. Seeing Khao San Road like a person who hasn't finished applying makeup yet, The atmosphere of Khao San Road during the day and at night is different. Delicious dishes of less than a hundred baht is a everywhere. Try waking around Phra Athit Road or Bang Lamphu in the afternoon, and you'll loved it. The smell of the old city still lingers. Low-rise buildings give you a more comprehensive view of the sky.

Two people per room. You can buy a one-night or two-night plan.
Book 1 night, price 2,600 baht
Book 2 nights, price 3,400 baht.

Buy it at Buddy Lodge hotels and Mischa Cheap bar.


When you buy a package, You will receive one wallet.

1. 1,200 baht of Dudesweet currency, can only be used at Mischa Cheap bar.
2. Foot massage ticket for one person at Thai Thai Massage

3. Free 2 cups of coffee at Pink Rabbit and Bob, Tha Tian
4. 10% discount card for A Fox Princess and Spider Tha Tian

5. Mischa Cheap Guidebook recommends delicious restaurants around Khaosan neighborhood and check-in points to take your hipster shots. All tested by the Mischa Cheap team.

6. The Magic Pin to transform you into a tourist. Once attached, all participating shops will serve you in English.
7. Bedtime Card. Show this card when you think you're going to be out of shape tonight. This bed-to-bed delivery service is only available at the Mischa Cheap bar.
8. Vouchers and discount vouchers from Buddy Group's Khaosan Road businesses are as follows:


Magic Pin
When you put this pin on your chest, all participating outlets will serve you in English as if you were a foreign tourist.

Add-on service

This service is sold separately from Mischa Cheap Check-In, that is, even if you do not purchase the Mischa Cheap Check-In package, this class can be purchased. But you need to book in advance so that we can group. Because if people are less than the limit, it's not fun and not worth it.

A. Culture Tour

Rattanakosin Island is full of heritage and stories in many aspects of art, culture, and way of life. This Thai Art Tour. Even if it is to take a time of The Grand Palace, there are snippets of houses and temples in this area, led by Nid Supachok Chumsai, a professor at Silpakorn University. Let you enjoy Thai art's story to be told in the liquor circle without any fuss.


• Take a tour at 600 baht per head.

• The tour lasts 2 hours.

• Starts at 2 p.m., Saturday and Sunday only.

• Accept no more than six people at a time. Please inform the convenient date at or call 095-665-5636


B. Flower arrangement class to relax the mind.
It is a minimal flower arrangement. Japanese flower arrangement is one thing. But the heart of this class is to exchange and talk, using flowers as the medium to reflect your mood, taught by Ju Jutharat, a famous artist and photographer. When finished, You will receive a picture file of your beautiful flowers, which in a sense--a representation of your mood that day.

• This class is only on Sunday, starting at 1:00 PM and ending at 5:00 PM.

• Tuition fee 2,400 baht per session, accepting no more than eight students per time.

• Please inform a convenient date at or call 095-665-5636


hotel stay rules

  1.   Check-out 1:00 PM All hotel guests are required to present an identification card or passport (for foreigners) upon check-in. 

  2. No smoking in the room You can smoke on the balcony outside your room.

  3. Do not use drugs, gamble, quarrel, make noise and show inappropriate behavior in the hotel, fines of 2,000 baht and inform the police.

  4. not allowed to bring Food with a pungent smell such as durian, pets, flammable substances, dangerous chemicals, explosives, weapons coming into the hotel.

  5. Cooking in the room is not allowed.

  6. Do not move furniture/objects out of the room without permission. lost items or damaged The guest will be responsible for the condition.

  7. All rooms can accommodate a maximum of 2 people and do not bring unregistered guests. Stay with me at night

  8. The hotel provides services to hotel guests only. If you bring outside guests to stay without prior notice The hotel reserves the right If violated, the hotel will be fined 1,000 baht.

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